Monday, April 21, 2014

Final Countdown!

Hard to believe but we are in the home stretch...week 8 is upon us...time to finish the Challenge strong!

Week 8 Goal: Finish Strong...and Make a Plan for post Beit Bari.

Try to reach as many of your daily goals this week, especially those ones you know you've been slacking on.  Use this momentum to start thinking about your long-term health goals and how you can use the Challenge moving forward.

Still want to lose more weight?  Take what you've been doing and step it up a notch, including exercise, lots of veggies, and protein.

Like tracking?  Keep it up and add your own goals!

Still not getting to the gym as much?  Reassess how you can fit fitness into your life whether it be short amounts of activity throughout the day, videos at home, walking with the family or coworkers.

Hate some of the goals?  Maybe they aren't for you!  Or maybe you just need to modify them?

I don't want to leave you hanging after the Challenge so please reach out to me if you need help continuing your new habits moving forward!

Last of all, make sure to thank yourself for sticking through the Challenge and be proud of what you've accomplished.  Treat yourself to a mani/pedi, massage, day of relaxation or whatever you enjoy.

As always,

Beit Bari xo Anna

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