Challenge Overview

Basics of the Challenge

1. 5 servings of fruits/vegetables a day - bonus points if all vegetables

2. 64 oz+ water daily

3. Limit alcohol *at your discretion - none/1 drink per day/1 night of drinking per week

4. Limit added sugars - packaged snacks/desserts/chips - focus on naturally sweet foods

5. Protein at every meal (eggs, tofu, beans, meat, seafood, nuts, etc)

6. Strength train/circuit 2x/week (options: lift weights, crossfit, Jillian or other video tape)

7. Cardio x3/week 

8. Do something to make you smile everyday

You can track your weekly goals using this GoogleDoc

Weekly Challenges to Come!  Check back for blog posts touching on each of the Basics.

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