Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 2 Goal - More Veggies, Less Meat

Hi Challengers.

I hope you are having a great weekend!  It was rainy and snowy Friday night and today will be up to 75!  Gotta love that Colorado weather.  I took advantage today to go out on the River Walk for a run/walk.  My runs have been no bueno this weekend...I had some *ahem* GI issues yesterday and my lower legs are bothering me.  I think I need new running shoes or that is what I am telling myself.  Getting on that asap.

With my extra time today I am getting some food prep in for the week.

Simple pot of hard-boiled eggs and quinoa.

Both will be useful for Week 2 Goal: Make at least one day meatless.

Why?  Because I said so.

And because incorporating more meatless meals (hopefully) allows you to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, a wider variety of protein like beans or nuts, has been shown to be cheaper....a diet high in fruits and vegetables has been shown to reduce risk of cancer, diabetes, and obesity.  Of course, I am not saying you should go meatless all the time but lets give-it-a-go at least one day this week.

So what will you eat?!


  • Loaded oatmeal with nuts/nut butter/dried fruit/etc
  • Egg burrito with salsa and cheese in a whole wheat wrap
  • Yogurt parfait with granola and fruit
  • Smoothie with fruit, spinach, yogurt/protein powder


  • Big salad with unlimited veggies, whole grain (like my prepped quinoa), beans, nuts
  • Wrap filled with hummus and veggies
  • Snack platter with fruit, low fat cheese, whole grain crackers, and some yogurt
  • Sandwich with avocado, goat cheese, and beets


  • Veggie chili with baked potato
  • Whole wheat pasta with marinara and ricotta cheese
  • Oven roasted salmon with broccoli and brown rice
  • Veggie fajitas with beans topped with guacamole 

I made this Vegetable Curry last week in the crockpot that would be great for the week!


You can get more ideas on my Pinterest Board Vegan & Vegetarian Eats.

Alright guys.  Learn from the successes and hardships of last week and make week #2 a good one!

Beit Bari xo Anna

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